Medical tourism

Medical tourism

Welcome to Ukraine is a professional company that takes care of the whole organization of treatment or rehabilitation of the patient: not only communicate with medical institutions, but also help them get a visa, buy tickets, order a transfer, rent a house, find an accompanying and an interpreter, and organize leisure.

Annually 62 thousand foreigners come to Ukraine for treatment.

  • 57% of foreign patients choose our cellular technologies, reproductology, cardiosurgery, plastic surgery and orthopedics.
  • 25% - go to sanatoriums, including those specializing in the rehabilitation of people with cerebral palsy, cardiovascular diseases.
  • 18% - come to dentists and ophthalmologists.



  • Center for Cellular Therapy
  • Dentistry, ophthalmology Plastic surgery
  • Improvement in sanatoria, SPA centers of Ukraine
  • Clinics of artificial insemination

Center for Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is one of the foremost discoveries of modern medicine that changes the notion of treating many diseases and gives people the most important things: health, youth, strength and longevity, and sometimes the only chance is to survive. Leave us your contacts and we will advise you on this service.

In 2003, stem cell treatment in Ukraine was allowed at the official level, and since then Ukrainian doctors in this field have achieved tremendous results. Unique author's methods have received international recognition and proved their effectiveness in clinical practice. In Ukrainian medical centers are being treated:

  • Cirrhosis of the liver - is often detected at the latest stages. Getting into the diseased organ, the stem cells turn into the living ones that are peculiar to it. The liver is renewed, and the disease recedes. Thanks to this treatment, organ transplantation is often avoided.
  • Diabetes mellitus - practice shows that treatment is effective by 97%. The effect on the body turns out to be complex: stimulation of the pancreas is performed, cell sensitivity to insulin is restored, immunity is increased, the tone of the vascular walls is improved;
  • Cancer - stem cell transplantation is now used to treat leukemia, breast, testis, lung cancer. It is proved that the decrease of immune forces influences the formation of formations. The use of stem cells allows to increase immunity, helps to renew the blood composition. Cancer immunotherapy is a new method in the experimental stage, but scientists are pinning great hopes on it;
  • Cerebral Palsy - physicians believe that the most favorable age for conducting cell transplantation is 7-9 years. Unfortunately, full healing is not always possible. But experience shows that partial restoration of body functions and improvement of a child's quality of life by new technologies is quite possible.

What is worth treating in Ukraine

In the country there are modern technologies of rejuvenation, unique mineral springs, and balneological resorts, where water / mud / salt is unique in composition and quickly and inexpensively will lead the organism in order.

The main directions of inbound medical tourism to Ukraine are:

  • reproductive medicine;
  • dentistry;
  • ophthalmology;
  • aesthetic medicine,cosmetology;
  • plastic surgery;
  • cellular engineering, including the possibility of using a cord blood bank;
  • SPA & Wellness, sanatorium treatment, rehabilitation.

Demand is also used by cyberknife, tomotherapy, PET-CT (diagnostic method in oncology). Ukraine has unique technologies for treatment of cerebral palsy (intensive neurophysiological rehabilitation system), biotechnology for bone tissue cultivation, and introduces cellular technologies for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and diabetes.

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