Legalization of foreign citizens in Ukraine

Legalization of foreign citizens in Ukraine

Legal services to foreign citizens.

Legalization of foreign citizens in Ukraine

Are you a citizen of a foreign country or a stateless person and want to live legally in our country?

Our company is ready to offer you its legal services on legalization in Ukraine.

We can provide you with the following services:

  •  consulting on the issue of issuing an invitation to Ukraine for foreign citizens;
  • advising on the issue of extending the period of stay (registration) of an alien in our country;
  • registration of a temporary residence permit (residence permit);
  • obtaining permission to immigrate to Ukraine;
  • registration of permanent residence in Ukraine (residence permit for foreigners and stateless persons who immigrated to permanent residence);
  • execution of documents for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship;
  • registration of a work permit in Ukraine;
  • preparation of a certificate of non-conviction in Ukraine;
  • preparation of a certificate of assignment of an identification tax code (tax number);
  • legal advice on the application of Ukrainian legislation and so on.

More detailed information on these legal services you can get by clicking on the links in the name of the services.

Legal consultation.

Our lawyers and lawyers will help you:

  • to understand the intricacies of Ukrainian legislation;
  • find the most appropriate method of legalization and choose the best procedure for this;
  • promptly and qualitatively prepare a package of documents necessary to achieve your goal;
  • will accompany you to the competent authorities of the state, assist and protect your interests in solving your problems.

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