Buying real estate in Ukraine

Buying real estate in Ukraine

Why buying real estate in Ukraine is such a popular way to save and increase money?

At the moment, Ukraine has a huge number of objects of both residential and commercial real estate. In terms of profit, it is most profitable to invest in one- and two-room apartments. Experts say that one-room apartments up to 55 m2 and two-room apartments from 75 to 85 m2 have the greatest liquidity, and are able to bring their investor profit up to 14% per year.

The biggest advantage of this type of investment is that the apartment itself is a physical representation of what you invest in, it can not go bankrupt, like a bank or depreciate, like money that simply lies. The second important factor is that, if necessary, the investor will be able to use such a dwelling for its original purpose and move there.

Variants of investment in real estate on the territory of Ukraine

First of all, it is worth noting that you can invest in both residential real estate and commercial.

To begin with, consider residential real estate. Since real estate at different stages of construction is not the same as the most profitable is the acquisition of residential property at an early stage of readiness. 


  • A low price;
  • A great assortement;
  • Saving on the services of a realtor.

The purchase of an apartment in the primary market

The next type for investing in residential real estate is the purchase of an apartment in the primary market in a house that was already commissioned. This type of investment does not involve any risks at all, as you can see with your own eyes what you are investing in and do not worry about what will happen if the house is not put in commission on time or the construction is completely frozen due to a lack of financing and real estate will start to make a profit with delay. In addition, many developers are selling flats for sale, which is a significant plus, because the property can be rented out the day after the purchase.

Investing in commercial real estate on the territory of Ukraine

If you are a newcomer investor in real estate and at the moment do not own large savings, but already want the money to work for you and bring profit, experts recommend investing in commercial real estate on the territory of Ukraine. These are warehouses, offices and even just square meters in a shopping center. It has a relatively low cost, and also significantly reduces the likelihood of risks associated with fraud. In addition, the process of registration of such real estate takes less effort and time, and the profit can be obtained consistently and for a long time.

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